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Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month, Francine Critchlow!

Francine has been with us for over 5 years now and she is truly a great part of our team.

She has shown exceptional care and dedication to all of her clients.

She has developed a great rapport and bond with all of her clients and they are all very thankful for her services. Francine is punctual and has been especially accommodating this past month. She makes sure that her requirements are all current and up to date and is always keeping up with her education by completing her annual continuing education modules on time. She strives for the highest quality of care for her clients and we are thankful to have her on the CareAssist Services team!

Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month, Manuel Elizalde!

Manuel has been working with CareAssist Services for over a year now and we are happy to have him as part of our team. Manuel is professional, compassionate, and punctual. He provides excellent quality of care for his clients and makes sure all of their needs are met. He is flexible with his schedule and is willing to help by filling in on short notice. Manuel keeps all of his mandatory requirements up-to-date, including the continuing education modules. He shows dedication and consistency to all of his clients and truly exemplifies CareAssist Services’ Core Values. Thank you for all that you do Manuel!

Congratulations to our November Employee of the Month, David Mitchell!

David has been with CareAssist Services for 7 years. He is reliable, compassionate and friendly. David has built a great rapport with all of his clients and he understands how to put their needs first. He has great attendance, is flexible with his schedule and is often willing to accept shifts on short notice. David is a true asset to our team and we appreciate all his hard work and dedication to our clients.

Congratulations to our October Employee of the Month, Maria Oseguera!

Since starting with CareAssist Services, Maria has consistently shown compassion, professionalism, and a “can do” attitude. Her clients and their families have only high praise for her work ethic and genuine caring attitude. She is always flexible and willing to pick up additional shifts no matter how long or short the hours may be. Maria also keeps up to date on all her requirements and communicates with the CareAssist Services staff in a timely manner. She is able to provide a wide variety of care depending on her clients needs; handling each of her clients with the grace, respect, and dignity they deserve. Thank you for demonstrating our core values: Compassion, Integrity, Service and Education. We are privileged to have you as part of our CareAssist Services care team.

Congratulations to our September Employee of the Month, Luisito Yrastoza!

Luisito has been with us for over a year now and exemplifies our core values: Integrity, compassion, service, and education. He shows great compassion, dedication and consistency to all his clients. He is professional, courteous and knowledgeable. He is a team player and is mindful of each client’s unique needs and family expectations. He always makes sure that he correctly follows the Plan of Care. He diligently follows the company’s protocols such as always being on time for his shifts and completing all clock in/out protocols. And he also completes all education requirements on time. We sincerely appreciate all that you’ve done and will continue to do for Care Assist. Thank you for being a true asset to our team!

Congrats to Lisa Johnson for being our employee of the month in August

Lisa shows a tremendous amount of compassion for her clients. Her dedication to the team is obvious; she rarely calls out sick or requests time off. Lisa is always punctual and when asked, completes all tasks. She is creative and always goes the extra mile when caring for her clients. She maintains a great working relationship with the office staff and keeps up to date on all training and paperwork. She is highly requested and is always flexible when it comes to scheduling. Thank you Lisa for always being a great Home Care Aide and showing our clients the compassion and dedication they deserve.

Congratulations to our July Employee of the month, Monica Topa.

Monica is an amazing employee who is dedicated to our clients. She shows great compassion when dealing with all clients. She is loyal, reliable, and shows up on time for all scheduled shifts. She is flexible and understanding when it comes to cancellations and/or additions to her schedule. She exceeds our education requirements and is always current with all mandatory documentation. Overall, Monica exemplifies the company’s core values: Integrity, Compassion, Services and Education. We truly appreciate Monica‘s dedication to our clients and we are proud to have her as part of our staff.

Congratulations to our June Employee of the month, Cymbeline Yague.

This month in particular Cymbeline stood out for her compassion towards her clients and in her work.

She is very responsible and is always on top of her client’s care and needs. She shows her dedication and service for our company as she makes us her priority and is always asking for assignments/shifts as well as accepting fill-ins and cases as they come available. She is always on time, follows all the protocols and stays up to date on all of the requirements. Cymbeline, we appreciate you and are grateful to have you apart of our team here at CareAssist Services.

Congratulations to our May employee of the month, Adilene Sanchez!

We would like to announce Adilene Sanchez as our May employee of the month. Adilene is vibrant, motivated and has been very responsible with all of her clients. She is attentive, sensitive to her clients needs, and responds to situations that arise in a timely manner. She is very flexible and always willing to help out even on limited notice and with short hour cases which is extremely helpful for our office staff and greatly appreciated. She is willing to accept our more challenging cases and does so with a great attitude. All of our clients that Adi has worked with enjoy her company as well as the care she provides. She keeps up to date with all her requirements and is always willing to learn and grow. Adi we appreciate all your hard work and dedication and are happy to have you as apart of our team here at CareAssist Services.

Congratulations to our April employee of the month, Grace Njunga!

Grace stood out to us all because she is always willing to help us with client open shifts, no matter what the client’s care plan is, any day and any distance. Grace has shown repeatedly that she can handle some of the most challenging clients. She does this by always remaining professional and using her extensive experience and knowledge. Grace shows great compassion and ensures the safety and well-being of her clients at all times. She develops and maintains excellent rapport with her clients and their families. She is always prompt for her shifts and diligently follows all clock in/out protocols. In addition, she keeps up to date with all of her annual and ongoing continuing education requirements. Thank you Grace for being an exemplary employee, we sincerely appreciate you!

Congratulations to our March employee of the month, Jesse Borja!

We want to congratulate our March Employee of the Month, Jesusa “Jesse” Borja. Jesse has been with CareAssist for more than two years. She stood out to us this past month because of a challenging case she had worked on. She showed great compassion and care for this client; making a tough situation look easy. In addition, all of her past clients have absolutely loved having her on board. She’s often requested by past clients when they need help at home. Jesse never fails to put her client’s safety as the top priority. She is also an excellent communicator, providing frequent updates as needed. She is reliable, prompt, and stays current on all company requirements; and always follows the company’s rules. She is a very valuable asset to our team and we want her to know how much we appreciate all she does!

Congratulations to our February employee of the month, Bernadette Lewy!

Bernie has been with us for more than three years and has shown great compassion, consistency, and dedication to her clients. She is mindful and attentive to her clients needs and maintains a high standard of job education and training. She has been very successful in communicating any schedule changes, issues/concerns to the office staff in a timely manner. She is truly a client advocate, and we are very glad to have a caregiver like Bernie! We sincerely appreciate Bernie being a part of our team here at CareAssist Services. Thanks for all that you do Bernie!

Congratulations to our January Caregiver of the month, Susana Lucero.

Susie really stood out this month because of her exceptional flexibility and accepting shifts whether they are long or short, day or night, regardless of the distance. Every one of her clients loves having her with them. She is never late and completes every shift as scheduled. She is also a great communicator and always keeps the office care coordinators up to date about her clients’ health status. Susana shows compassion and dedication to every one of her clients. She truly exemplifies CareAssist Services’ Core Values. Thank you for all that you do Susie!

Congratulations to Linda Hiap for being our December Caregiver of the Month!

Linda has been part of the CareAssist Services team for many years and has grown to be one of the company’s top requested Home Care Aides. She is always willing to pick up extra shifts at the last minute. Her flexibility, current certifications and wide ranging skill set make her a great home care aide and a valuable asset to our clients. Linda, we appreciate all you’ve done and will continue to do for CareAssist Services. Thank you again.

Congratulations to Irene Bundi for being November caregiver of the month!

Irene has shown exceptional care and dedication to her clients. She is mindful of her client’s health status and works very hard to deliver exceptional care to her clients. She started filling in anywhere and everywhere even with short notice and now has gained a full-time ongoing schedule. Irene is a fast learner and always utilizes the clock in/out system correctly every shift.  Irene, we are very happy and proud to have you on our team of dedicated home care aides at CareAssist Services.

Congratulations to Debbie Smith for being October caregiver of the month!

Debbie Smith is our October Employee of the month. Debbie is often willing to accept shifts regardless of length or location, which helps us immensely in the office. Our company and our clients highly value dedicated employees like Debbie. Debbie shows great compassion, is very patient and understanding with all of her clients and always manages to get the job done no matter how difficult. She is always on time for her shifts and diligently follows all clock in/out protocols. Thank you Debbie for being an amazing asset to CareAssist Services.

Congratulations to Efleda Melton, September's Employee of the Month!

Efleda exemplifies CareAssist Services’ core values in all she does for her clients. She has integrity, compassion, dedicated to serving her clients, and maintains a high standard of job education and training. This past month she really stood out because of her successful handling of a client emergency situation. She communicated all issues and concerns to the office supervisors directly and in a timely manner, as well as keeping the client’s family up to date with the client’s condition. She has had her shifts shortened, cancelled and extended as her client’s health has changed. But has always remained positive, flexible, and receptive to change, accommodating those changes with the clients best interest as her highest priority. She is a true client advocate. We sincerely appreciate Efleda’s dedication to her clients and to CareAssist Services.

Congratulations to Vilma Ladines, August's Employee of the Month!

Vilma represents our core values: Integrity, Compassion, Service and Education. She has been an asset to the CareAssist Services team for many years. Her top priority is her client’s safety and security. She has proven that there are no limits to her dedication by going the extra mile every shift. And Vilma continues to impress not only the staff in the office but the client’s family as well. She always arrives at work early, communicates often and effectively, and takes a creative approach to client challenges and care needs; all qualities needed for dementia care. Vilma has exceeded all of the required continuing education training, giving her new tools to use in the field. Thank you Vilma, we value all you do for our clients.

Congratulations to Lorenzo De la Rosa, July's Employee of the Month!

Lorenzo is an exemplary employee who constantly exhibits our core values in his work with our clients. He understands and adapts to his client’s ever changing care needs. He is adaptable, resourceful and an excellent communicator. His first and foremost priority is his client’s safety and well being regardless of his client’s condition. He is always finding ways to make his clients happy and to provide the best care possible through the use of supportive equipment and supplies. He has also been very diligent about completing his online continuing education training in a timely manner. We sincerely appreciate is caring, positive attitude, quick responses, and effective communication skills. We are proud to have him as an employee.

Congratulations to Rosita Leynes, June's Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to Rosita Leynes for being our June Employee of the Month. Rosita has been with us for four years and is a true asset to our team. She is a leader on her clients’ caregiver teams, always providing exemplary care. We know that we can count on Rosita to be up to date on all education requirements and ready to learn any new skills needed for her clients’ care.

Congratulations to Nerissa Ramiscal, May's Employee of the Month!

Nerissa epitomizes our core values “Integrity, Compassion, Service, and Education.” When extra help is needed, Nerissa is often one of the first staff members to step in and provide assistance. Also, she is willing to pick up last minute shifts or new assignments anywhere in Orange County. She is very understanding and cooperative when it comes to changes and roles and is flexible for staffing in a facility or providing private duty home care.

Narissa’s exceptional skill set prepares her to deliver the best quality care for some of our most challenging clients. In addition, she has completed training and fulfilled all requirements to help her develop and grow as a caregiver. We are blessed to have Nerissa on our team.

Congratulations to Mirium Munyua for being CareAssist Services’ April Employee of the Month!

Miriam, this past month, has shown exceptional care and devotion to her client. She is always on time and clocks accurately in and out utilizing the proper telephone system. She is attentive to her client’s needs and health status. Miriam is an active member of the team when it comes to reporting all improvements, as well as deficits. No matter the situation, she manages to make her client smile every shift. Miriam, we are very happy to have you with us at CareAssist Services. We value your drive to deliver outstanding care to your client and know that you are truly invested in her care.

March's Employee of the Month goes to Karen Alvan!

Congratulations to Karen Alvan for being CareAssist Services’ March Employee of the Month! Karen has been a very dependable and compassionate caregiver since the start of her time here at CareAssist Services. She has provided an outstanding level of care to all her clients. She is punctual and accommodating allowing her to pick up many shifts as they come available. She strives for excellence and putting quality in everything she does. Thank you, Karen, for being a role model to all caregivers.

Congratulations to Rosey Rodriquez for being CareAssist Services’ February Employee of the Month!

We are proud to announce our caregiver of the month for February, Rosey Rodriquez. Rosey is an excellent caregiver. Her compassion and amazing skill set allows her to provide outstanding care for clients with all degrees of dementia and beyond. Rosey is always ready and willing to take just about every shift offered. She treats each client with dignity and respect provides the exceptional care he or she deserves. She fully understands what it takes to be an amazing part of our team at CareAssist Services and we are very grateful for her commitment to the company and our clients.


Congratulations to Michelle Basco for being CareAssist Services’ January Employee of the Month!

We are proud to announce our caregiver of the month for January is Michelle Basco. Michelle is an amazing caregiver! She is a selfless person and always puts her clients’ needs first. She willingly takes on extra hours and fills in outside her normal availability. Her clients adore her as much as we do. She is a shinning example of a model employee.

Congratulations to Rosemary David for being CareAssist Services’ December Employee of the Month!

Rosemary has been an amazing asset to CareAssist. Not only is she a responsible and respectful caregiver, she has also referred many other great caregivers to the company. She follows through on every task and takes on other duties without hesitation. Her attention to detail has been and continues to be a skill we appreciate. We would like to thank you for all you’ve done for clients and CareAssist Services.