Help At Home, When You Need It Most.

Catalina Elwell / Account Executive
Catalina Elwell has been working in the senior care industry for the last 10 years. She has always enjoyed helping and meeting new people. Catalina has an outgoing and altruistic spirit, and loves utilizing both of these qualities within the senior care business, as she finds it to be a very fulfilling and rewarding career. After a brief stint as a Human Resources Assistant in another home care agency, she was quickly moved into sales, where she was able to utilize her people skills, as she enjoys interacting with all kinds of people. It has truly been the perfect fit! Joining CAS will enable her to achieve her goal of continued growth and development in this rapidly-changing industry. Catalina has encountered a challenging path. Born in Ecuador, she grew up with two siblings that were born deaf. Because of that handicap, her family emigrated to California in a desperate search for doctors to restore their hearing. As a young person, Catalina soon became the family interpreter, representative, advocate and defender. For Catalina, helping people is like helping her family. Catalina speaks fluent Spanish, and American Sign Language.  On a personal note, Catalina is so proud of her two amazing teenage boys, and loves being a mom! She has learned that life throws some unexpected curveballs and sometimes you’re forced to learn how to catch them and go with the flow!